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3 ways Issue 11 will move Columbus Schools Forward

1. Expand Pre-K Programs:

If Issue 11 passes CCS will expand Pre-K programs at six buildings and hire 18 pre-k teachers and aides. Giving more of our students access to pre-k programs. Pre-k is vital for setting our youngest students up for success!

2. Protecting Student Safety and Mental Health:

If voters approve the levy, it will safeguard over 200 student crucial positions preserving 90 school counselors, 68 custodians, 30 safety and security specialists and many many more vital staff positions. Support services are so critical to the success of our students.

3. Modernizing Classrooms:

Issue 11 will commit $60 million to directly support the modernization of buildings by funding classroom renovations, auditorium upgrades, gymnasium improvements, and enhanced furnishings. With these changes, students will have access to more comfortable and up-to-date spaces for learning spaces. Our students deserve to be in great classrooms.

As a community we are at a crossroads — a moment when we can decide to invest in our kids' future and provide them with the quality education they deserve. Or a moment when we can decide ‘you know what, those Columbus kids just have to make do with less.’ That is the choice on your ballot. What kind of Columbus do you want to live in? You get to decide.

Brandon Simmons is a recent Columbus City Schools graduate turned candidate for the district's school board. As a high school student at Columbus Alternative High School, he organized a successful community coalition forcing the board to address building conditions at the school. He's running to continue that work forward as a board member.


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