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Brandon Simmons Headshot, wearing a suit
A product of Columbus Schools

I'm a proud resident of the Hilltop where I grew up with my grandparents. Early on, I struggled with speech. I spent 10 years undergoing speech therapy. It wasn't easy, but I never gave up. 


With the help of my family, I've made significant progress. 


The values of the Democratic Party prioritize education and equal opportunity for all. Those values created an environment where I could thrive. 


I haven't given up on my dream of making public schools better for everyone and I know you haven't either. Together, we can make a positive difference for our community. 

My story

Hi, I'm Brandon

Brandon Simmons CAHS

I know what it's like to be in a Columbus City classroom. I'm a proud graduate of Columbus Alternative High School.

I sat in crumbling buildings as a student for years. I watched our teachers overworked and under-supported. Every year, I see our district get more and more top heavy, taking critical dollars away from our classrooms.

A fighter for Columbus Schools

In high school, I led a coalition of students, parents, and teachers that forced the Board of Education to address our crumbling buildings.


Before we took action, it was terrible. Our building was falling apart. Students dodged falling ceiling tiles, bathrooms worse than a port-a john, and classrooms with no heat in the winter and no air conditioning in the summer.

Together we secured $4.5 million for building improvements and a new student-led committee was created to carry the work forward.


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