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Class Size

Hiring more teachers and reducing class sizes is essential for providing our students with the high-quality education they deserve.

Every student deserves individualized attention. Smaller classes will lead to improved academic performance and student success. 


Ensuring reliable and efficient transportation is essential for our students' success. Our current system is inadequate, with a shortage of bus drivers resulting in long delays and stranded students. 

I am committed to improving our district's transportation capacity.  Attracting and retaining quality bus drivers is essential for providing our students with safe and reliable transportation.


Every student deserves to learn in a safe modern building. Our current buildings are not only a serious health and safety hazard but also obstruct learning.

I am committed to prioritizing building maintenance and upgrades. Improving building conditions will create a safe and nourishing environment for every student.

Support Services

I am committed to improving the support available to our students and teachers. We can do this by adding more behavioral interventionists, instructional assistants, and counselors to our schools. I will prioritize investing in these important members of our support staff.

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